Delivery Index: QSR and Fast Casual Customers’ Delivery Preferences and Habits

For Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants looking to compete in today’s market, having a delivery option is a must. This is not surprising, considering we live in a time when everything seems available for delivery, and incredibly fast shipping speeds are the norm. Delivery offers customers the convenience they have now come to expect, and restaurants a way to bring in orders and grow sales through a new channel, without cannibalizing existing business.

Some delivery programs even allow brands to keep customer data, enabling retention marketing and building loyalty long after their initial order, for this already sticky service. But what specific aspects of delivery do customers most care about, and how can brands use it to grow sales?

For the third year in a row, Tillster partnered with research firm SSI to survey 2,000 QSR and Fast Casual customers on their delivery preferences and past experiences. The Tillster Delivery Index reveals these findings to help restaurants craft their delivery strategy, including insights on:

  • How to Drive Sales with Delivery

  • Offering Delivery In-House vs. Third-Party Aggregator

  • Customer Preferences on Delivery Speed and Fees

Download the Delivery Index here.