The Major Benefit of Loyalty Programs You've Probably Overlooked

"Get 10 hole punches, get a free item." To restaurants with a loyalty program, that phrase should sound pretty familiar. Until recently, it was the loyalty model of choice. But as technology has started to dominate the restaurant industry, many have been looking to do away with the paper punch card, and adopt a digital program. Moving to digital has many benefits, but one of the largest, and most frequently overlooked one is: Getting an unprecedented level of data about customers. 

Think about the last time you went to a supermarket and didn't provide your loyalty ID. It's probably been a while. By doing so, you expect to earn discounts, but what the retailer gets in return is worth more than just the payment. By employing a digital loyalty program, restaurants can collect information on what store customers visits, what day and time they shop, what items they purchase, how frequently they visit, and more. 

When coupled with profile information - such as zip code, phone number and gender - you have a plethora of data to target all of your marketing efforts with precision accuracy. Use it to personalize emails, digital coupons, promotions and even optimize your advertising spend. By utilizing this valuable information, you can ensure you're getting the most out of your digital program. 

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