5 Questions To Ask When Choosing an Online & Mobile Ordering Solution

Most restaurants know that offering online and mobile ordering is important to their success. Not only do more than half of restaurant goers order food online*, they tend to spend 20% more when they do**. 

But not all ordering solutions are equal. If the wrong online ordering system is chosen, it can actually cause more headaches than it's worth. In our years of working with some of the largest restaurant brands, we've noticed that asking these crucial questions can help determine whether an online ordering program thrives or fails. 

1. Are my online and mobile ordering flows right for me?                                                                     For your program to deliver the best results, digital ordering flows must be optimized for your restaurant category and for the devices customers are using. Be sure to pay close attention to how upsells and cross-sells are handled to ensure you get the most out of every order. 

2. Does my online and mobile ordering solution fit my operations?                                                   In the restaurant world, operational efficiency is key. Choosing an online ordering solution that can integrate with your POS system, or allows you to update your menu in real-time can make or break your operations and customer satisfaction. 

3. Does my program have the appropriate security measures in place?                                 Imagine spending countless hours carefully crafting a promotional strategy, only to have those deals gamed at your expense. Avoid this by choosing an online ordering system that includes configurable redemption rules, cart validation and account authentication. And of course, make sure the solution is also PCI compliant. 

4. How much data can I access?                                                                                                      Once you launch your online and mobile ordering programs, how do you know what is and isn't working? Having access to customer profile and transactional data enables you to make informed decisions and remarket to your customers. 

5. What level of program support do I get after launch?                                                             Managing every detail of your program can be cumbersome. To make sure you aren't left fending for yourself, choose a hands-on partner to help ensure long term success of your program, and provide ongoing optimization and guidance. 

Keeping these 5 factors in mind when selecting an online ordering provider will help you avoid headaches, and ensure that your program is a success. 

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*Tillster QSR & Casual Dining Survey                                                                                                 **Bloomberg: How Taco Bell's Ordering App Turns Extra Onions Into Real Money