How Delivery Drives Orders and Builds Loyalty

Today’s consumer desires convenience and efficiency in every aspect of their lives, and food delivery is no exception. For Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants looking to compete in today’s market, having a delivery option is becoming a must. 

Once a restaurant decides to deliver, there are still many decisions to be made. Is it best to offer delivery in-house, choose a third-party service, or a combination of both? To answer these questions and more, Tillster surveyed 2,000 QSR & Fast Casual consumers on their delivery preferences. One of the key findings was that more than 70% of QSR & Fast Casual customers would choose a restaurant more if delivery were offered.

While there are numerous benefits to offering delivery, maintaining an in-house operation is not always feasible, nor is it worth the required investment. Luckily, there are plenty of options for restaurants to partner with a trusted provider to offer delivery, through programs such as Tillster Delivery. Here are some of the most important benefits to this type of partnership:

  1. Grow Sales & Marketing – Delivery offers restaurants a way to bring in orders and grow sales through a new channel, without cannibalizing existing business. Additionally, programs such as Tillster Delivery allow you to acquire the delivery customer inexpensively and keep the customer data, so you can continue marketing to them and build loyalty long after their initial order.

  2. Manage Costs – By partnering with a delivery program provider, restaurants can avoid the huge costs and hassle of maintaining in-house delivery. Some of these costs include: maintaining drivers and all the associated costs - such as labor, insurance, capital, etc.

  3. Maximize Efficiency – Delivery programs that offer POS integration allow you to redirect staff to higher value tasks rather than inputting delivery orders, which in turn reduces overall delivery time. Additionally, delivery services scale with your business needs and only use drivers when there is demand.

Delivery offers customers the convenience and efficiency they crave. By partnering with a provider to offer it, restaurants can reap the benefits without the costs and hassle. Win-win.

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