Self-Service Kiosk Index

It's no surprise that long lines drive customers away - especially those in a hurry. But you might be alarmed to learn that even shorter lines can cause customers to walk out the door of their favorite restaurants. At what line length do restaurants risk repelling potential guests? Can kiosks help save them? And how do consumers feel about kiosks? Tillster's Self-Service Kiosk Index answers those - and many other - important questions. 

For the second year in a row, Tillster partnered with esteemed research firm SSI to survey 2,000 QSR & Fast Casual customers on their self-service ordering preferences. The Tillster Self-Service Kiosk Index summarizes the proprietary study's key findings to help restaurants craft their digital ordering decisions, including insights on: 

  • Customer Ordering Habits with Self-Service Kiosks

  • How Self-Service Kiosks Impact Guest Behavior

  • Usage of Kiosks Across Different Age Groups

Want to learn more about how your restaurant can use self-service kiosks to drive sales and keep customers from leaving? Download the full Self-Service Kiosk Index. 

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