5 Reasons To Offer Digital Coupons

Let's face it - consumers have always loved a good deal. In fact, nearly 80% of guests say they'd choose a restaurant if it offered a coupon.* But today's consumers aren't necessarily clipping coupons, or rummaging through a coupon drawer before choosing a restaurant. More than 50% of millennials said they look for coupons or offers online from restaurants.** Demand for convenience coupled with widespread adoption of smartphones has led to a seismic shift away from paper and toward digital coupons. And, it turns out that digital coupons also offer some major benefits to the restaurants that offer them. Here are a few of the most important ones to consider: 

1. Lower Costs - Paper coupons are much more expensive to produce than digital ones, when you consider printing and production costs. And unlike paper coupons, digital coupons can be made available in short order, so you can respond to competitive pressures at a moment's notice. 

2. More Visits - When asked, nearly 65% of restaurant guests said that a digital coupon recently motivated them to visit a Quick Service or Casual Dining restaurant.***

3. Deep Customer Insights - With digital coupons, you can access data that reveals how each customer redeems an offer, so you can fine-tune your promotional strategy and ensure profitability. 

4. Precision Targeting - The ability to create relevant offers based on transactional history and customer preferences allows you to maximize the return on every coupon. 

5. Additional Assurance - Digital coupons allow you to control how many times they are redeemed for an extra layer of security that is not possible with paper coupons.

It's clear that any restaurant that wants to stay competitive needs to have digital coupons in their arsenal. To learn more about how Tillster can help with your restaurant's digital coupon program, click here

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