Restaurant Technology: Suitable For All Ages

Today, the words "millennial" and "technology" are probably paired together more often than "peanut butter" and "jelly". So it's easy for restaurants to be hyper focused on millennials when considering digital ordering platforms. But new research conducted by Tillster shows that restaurants could be missing a huge opportunity by not also taking into account older generations. 

Our results showed that the availability of restaurant technology is actually important across a wide range of age groups, not just millennials: 

Customers of all ages - chart

As the age bracket goes up, we do see a decline in likelihood of increased visits if self-service kiosks or online ordering is offered. However, more than half of older customers would still visit more often if these were offered. Although millennials may use technology more frequently than other generations, it's important to keep all age groups in mind when creating your restaurant's digital products.