Sibling Rivalry: Email vs. Social Media

Social media is often perceived as the younger, cooler, sibling to email, which has been around forever. So it's easy to see how email can sometimes get lost in the [marketing] mix. But, ignore it at your own risk - email is more effective at motivating guests to visit a restaurant than any other tactic, including social media.* Here are a few other reasons email marketing wins the sibling war: 

1. You can give 'em what they want - Over 70% of restaurant guests prefer to be communicated with via email, compared to a mere 28% that prefer social media.*

2. You can make it personal - Email marketing allows you to communicate with messages that are tailor-made for each customer. And, these personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates over non-personalized ones. 

3. You can drive more sales - Email is better at inspiring people to make purchases. It has the highest conversion over any other channel, including social media and direct mail.**

So while impressions, likes and comments have their place when promoting your restaurant, email marketing is still as important as ever. 

*Tillster QSR & Casual Dining Survey
**DMA: The Influence of Email Marketing Messages

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