By 2025, digital restaurant sales will account for 30%, or 30 billion of all restaurant sales. 1

Orders placed on smartphones and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020.2

Not only do more than half of restaurant goers order food online3, they tend to spend 20% more when they do.4

You’ve seen the numbers and know that in today’s environment, online and mobile ordering can determine whether your revenue grows or remains stagnant. 

You may have an existing digital ordering solution and are pleased with the results and subsequent digital revenue. If that’s the case, congrats. You can stop reading. 

But if you are curious about the types of results you could see by partnering with an industry leading online and mobile ordering provider that delivers proven results or are just starting to evaluate partners to drive the most revenue, keep reading. 

Tillster specializes in driving and enriching digital experiences for multi-unit national and international restaurant brands, while minimizing operational complexity and delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. We help our clients grow digital revenue by leveraging our best-in-class, metric rich engagement and ordering solutions, ultimately delivering more orders, more often, more ways.

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What can you count on Tillster for?

A hands-on partner to ensure long term success of your program and technology powering a superior ordering experience every time, regardless of channel or device. We are here to provide ongoing guidance to optimize your program well beyond program launch. In other words, we’ll never leave you fending for yourself. 

Now let me share some other stats from our clients:

  • 189% gain in digital revenue (over 15 months)
  • 2.5x jump in online customers and transactions
  • 150% increase in revenue
  • 2.5x greater check size
  • 25% lift in orders 

  • While not all ordering solutions are equal, these are the typical results our clients realize. If you are ready to double your digital revenue or want to choose the right partner from the start, let’s talk. 

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